How are the mirrors mounted?

Our Vanity Mirrors are standalone, however, most of the vanity mirrors have hardware on the back if you wish to mount to the wall. 

Does the mirror come in a box?

Most, but not all, of our items will be delivered packaged or in a box. 

What bulbs do I need?

Any Standard Size Bulb Will Fit (A19) - To Get The Best Look For Your Vanity, We Recommend A G25 Style Bulb, LED, And A White Tone. Do Not Purchase Any Bulb That Is More Than 40 Watt  - Which Most People Consider To Be Too Bright. We Also Notice The Incandescent Bulbs Tend To Get Warm Over Time, Thus We Recommend LED, As LED Bulbs Stay Cool to the touch And Is Energy Efficient As Well. 

Is there a warranty?

Medina Vanity Hollywood Vanity Mirrors are covered by a One-Year Limited U.S. Warranty for any technical defects & against defects under normal operating conditions.* We Will Not Assume Responsibility Of Any Cosmetic Damages Once delivered. We Take Pride In Our Work And We Strive For Quality, With That Said, Everything Is Carefully Inspected Before It Goes Out The Door. Please Be Very Careful Handling Our Mirrors, As some of them Are Built With Complete Glass And Are Frameless.

What is the Exchange & Return Policy?

Besides technical defects, all sales are FINAL.